WorkerWorkingXSmall.jpgI read this morning that there have been 7,064 lawsuits filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act so far this year.  I believe this is a record for wage and hour violation claims and the year is only half over.  This is also nearly sixty more FLSA lawsuits than was filed in all of 2011

Wage & Hour Confusion.jpgDespite the tremendous amount of federal and state law governing the employment relationship, a business that follows the following core values can avoid significant liability under most labor and employment laws:

  • Follow the golden rule
  • Don’t make employment decisions for reasons  that are not related to the employee’s ability to do the job such as race, age, disability or sex
  • Employees have a right to band together to demand better treatment and higher wages from their employer
  • Provide a safe working environment

 But Wage and Hour Law is Different! 

Unlike most employment laws, which give employers and employees a fair amount of flexibility to come up with mutually beneficial and fair employment relationships, the FLSA and state wage and hour laws set out a strict rules which usually cannot be altered even if doing so would be best for both the employer and employee.   

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