Please excuse the break from our regular content today (I’ll have another post tomorrow as usual—not to worry!) so I can humbly ask for one small favor. Every week, we try to provide the best insights on wage and hour issues that you can find anywhere in blawg-dom. I hope that what we have shared has helped you, and now, I ask you for a bit of help: support Wage & Hour Insights in the American Bar Association’s search for the best legal blogs of 2014.

If you find that what we do on Wage & Hour Insights is valuable, you would have our unending gratitude if you could take a moment to nominate our blog for this year’s American Bar Association Blawg 100. The ABA makes it simple: just click this link and complete the (very brief) questions asked. You will be asked to provide your contact information and a quick statement about why you read Wage & Hour Insights, and why you think others should know about us. The ABA Journal may include some of the pithiest comments in its Blawg 100 coverage! 

Please don’t delay – the August 8 deadline for nominations is fast approaching! 

The form does ask you to provide your favorite blog entry of 2014. Do you remember some of these, which are among our most popular entries this year? Captain Obvious telling us that when an FLSA regulation has a plain meaning, that its meaning is plain. Or, while we are on the commercial kick, maybe you recall our twist on the Dos Equis guy in I Don’t Always Round Time Entries, But When I Do…I Follow the FLSA Regs. Or, perhaps you used some of our practical advice on defining “full time” to mean something less than 40 hours or planned for the future with our predictions about what the new FLSA regulations will bring.

One of these or any other post will work for this nomination! If you have any feedback on our Wage & Hour Insights blog and how we can continue to earn your nomination this year and in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me:

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