Just a quick update on a couple of our recent stories for you wage and hour litigation junkies:

Back on December 5, a three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed dismissal of a case in which two former University of Pennsylvania student athletes claimed that they and other intercollegiate athletes were employees entitled to minimum wage under the FLSA. (Read our prior post on the decision for more information.) Undeterred, the students are now asking the full 7th Circuit to rehear their case. They argue, among other things, that the district court and the appellate panel erred in dismissing their complaint without allowing them to develop a factual record to support their claims.

The litigation over the FLSA overtime exemption rules marches on. (See the *New Exemption Rules section of the blog for the complete history.) The U.S. Department of Labor filed its initial brief yesterday, December 15. Briefing will continue through January, with a decision in late February or early March at the earliest. Assuming, that is, that the Trump administration and Congress don’t pull the plug before then.